What does it even mean to be in control of your life?

Being in control of your life simply means living your one life well. Effortlessly taking personal decisions that will better your life, making efforts each day to better yourself , following your own core values and being able to manage external interference.

Are you in control of your life?

3 signs that shows that you are not taking control of your life.

Living without intentions.


Two sides of the coin states you are either in control of your life or leaving it chance.
The problem with not being intentional about your life, decisions, choices is that you often get frustrated. Each day for you is like waiting for the next day to come already. I am not here to quiz you because the truth is I have been there, still there however I am progressing.
It is time to fail forward, get back in touch with your goals, even if you lost grasp of those big ones, start small and each day, each week be intentional about your life and growth.

Create your future.

A Starving Financial Life

One of the signs that you are not taking control of your life is not giving attention to your financial life. Our finances plays a major role in our life. It is detrimental to leave such a huge chunk of our life to whatever comes.

You become a burden to not only yourself but those around you if you don’t take care of your finances. Unfortunately depending on others is giving yourself an excuse to fail.

Do you save?

Do you invest?

Are you a financial literate or illiterate ?

What resources do you lean into for your finance?

Do you have health insurance or you still think it’s for only the rich?

What are your money values?

Do you save to spend or save to invest?

What investment strategies do you know or have?

What is Emergency savings?

What are your core money values?

Conclusively, the idea is not to just make money, but grow money, keep money and make money work for you!

The Less Syndrome


”Those who are satisfied with crumbs will never eat the full loaf”- Secrets of Six Figure women by Barbara Stanny.

Do you even know your worth?

Do you even have a grasp of what you deserve in life, relationships, jobs ?

If you have these questions answered, following it is now are you getting what you deserve?, Or are you settling for less because you feel fearful about people will say or think of you, you are scared of loosing the immediate comfort what you don’t deserve is giving you?, Regrets?

For how long will you continue the circle?

Know what you deserve, get what you deserve irrespective.


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