The year that has certainly being an handful is coming to an end soon.

Preparing our hearts for daily thanksgiving for the remaining part of this year and beyond is a life skill we must have and cherish if we want to stay happy.

Whatever the year has been for you, dust depression off your heart. Let go of the ache from failure and unmet expectations and embrace ways you can be happy in and out.

3 ways gratitude can help you end depression and live happy.

My research made me know that gratitude is from the Latin word “gratus” which means pleasing, thankful. We can then conclude that gratitude resonates a good feeling and nurtures a positive consciousness.

However if gratitude were to be converted to money and given to  its sender, i won’t get any because overtime my eyes has always been fixed on what I don’t have, what has gone wrong than what is good.
As i then began my baby steps towards giving thanks no matter what, I can boldly say I feel more peace than I used to.

Gratitude eases your burdens;

Depression is real, a heavy burden to carry. It is life threatening for our spirit, soul and body.We find ourselves in situations that seem to imprison us in our minds and even if we have the perfect make up on or the best facial expression, it doesn’t stop the inner chaos. Deep down we want to be free.

Gratitude gives that freedom you seek. 

Make gratitude a daily practice and you will be above all that used to control you.

Gratitude makes you a better person;

When you begin to practice being grateful for what seems small to you or the big ones, you will become a more healthy and positive person.

Gratitude helps you achieve your set goals faster;

If you have set goals for certain areas of your life, one way to speed up the achievement rate is being grateful that it is done. This gratitude helps you develop a positivity mindset which in turn allow you see the possibility of your set goals.
If it is possible, then it is achievable which pushes you to put the work needed in order to make that goal, your reality.

Being grateful is not the absence of chaos, it is being in perfect peace in the midst of chaos.

Have fun with your 3 days gratitude guide and push complaints off the chart❗️. Take a screenshot 😁.




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2 thoughts on “3 ways gratitude can help you pull the plug off depression and connect to happiness.

  1. I’ve got through a whole lot this year, in fact, this year I have lost a lot, I almost lost my life twice or more but I’m grateful for everything still.
    Thanks girl!

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