Love Season, Healthier Relationships.

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovelies. I know you want your relationships to do better. If you truly want to not only enjoy relationship with yourself but then this article is for you.

3 ways to enjoy your relationships

Self Harmony

We begin to loose touch with one another in our relationships when we are more about finding peace with each other than finding it within our own self. Harmony is from inside out not outside in and the frustration is more heightened because we always feel broken when the other person is not giving us the peace or the satisfaction we need.
The plain truth is they can’t. Learn from today to be at peace, connect with yourself first then this automatically radiates to everyone else and in that way, there is a better version of you for not only yourself but your loved ones.

The Balance Scale.

Balance is very important in our relationships and that is the importance building an interdependent relationship. I have always thought independence was the highest form of building relationship, well it is important to be an independent person but having an interdependent relationship is the  highest peak of our human relationships.

We can achieve this by being a progressive independent person, I called it progressive because being independent is not a day’s job, it is achieved in our dailiness.

Strike a balance in your relationships, don’t be a dependent person, it affects the other person. Nurture and groom an independent mindset and lifestyle not just you but also your significant other, friend, family members in that way you are both contributing. Growing together and maturing. Less grumbling, less Anger, less fight.

Values and Goals

Do you have a value system?, what are your values?. You need to be more in touch with your values and allow them surface in your relationships. What do you cherish most, what do you want out of a relationship, what are the things that would happen in a relationship that will make you see that it is either working or not. Are you being yourself in a relationship or it’s all about what the other person want.

Let your values find more expression in your relationships.

The World aches for Love

As we enjoy ourselves, know that the World is lacking in love because if there is love, the Government will know that the people are flesh like them, they will connect more with their struggles, and do their best to make things work out, instead of the injustice, chaos, hunger , lack and oppression going round.

The love you share in your little corner of the World can change everything.

To the broke, broken, lost, hurting, sad, indecisive, confused, aching, frustrated, victimised, oppressed, happy, rich, poor, to those who have lost a loved one, to those who have birthed a loved one. To everyone in this side of the World.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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