As I saw myself in the mirror , my dried tears creating lines that were never there, my whole self fully expressed the pain I am going through, the only thing that kept ringing in my head was ” what really went wrong, how did I loose him” I think I know why, it was my last breakup, I was really hurt, oh I should have just healed , I should have been better for myself, I thought it was the relationship that needed fixing, I never knew it was me, so it was me all along. As I gazed through the window, I heard my sister calling my name, Love, mummy is calling you, my name is love and there is nothing loving about how I treated Deji.

Are you like love, thinking everything is wrong with everyone else except you, bad experiences, that you’ve refused to let go creating a worse version of you. You must take steps in healing from now on, for if you are not careful , you would end up just being alone, and you think that’s a good zone, no, its not. I’m not here to make you feel bad, or condemn you but I just want you to be better.

It begins with us first before spreading to others, you can’t expect selflessness from a selfish person, neither can you expect balms of healing from a heart full of hurt and pains , it’s a duty to our own self to  heal, take steps to make things work out for our life, learn , unlearn, stop all form of entitlement, fight for our growth, lean in into ourselves, let love radiate within us before its fragrance reaches another. A better version of ourselves is what we need to move on.

Sometimes I think some people believe there is a spirit in a relationship that can help them work things out, so all you need do is find someone that loves you and the magic starts, there is no magic anywhere, its the magic within you expressed that makes it all beautiful.

A better you, a better us, its starts with you and it more of actions than just mere talks, you must be intentional about yourself , your healing, that when you can go through life sowing seeds of goodness in others. Let’s take that walk together even if its slowly, and surely it would make sense at the end.

2 thoughts on “A better me for us

  1. great content!. personally I think the topic of mental healing and process should be talked more on… wounded souls everywhere! and we can’t be better if we are not healed.

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