I believe maturity begins with knowing you can’t go through life alone, it is a creed formed from different ripples of experience that makes you conclude that, everybody needs somebody.

Growing up I had always believed in just me, I thought it was the best way actually but I realized so many opportunity passed me by because I refused to reach out. So now what’s the whole voice of reasoning about, its about having those people who are willing to allow you fetch from their well of wisdom , if you would be humble enough to bend just a little.

You need these persons in your life, they have experience , sometimes they don’t even look like they could have anything to share that would better your life, but is that not why it is a vital part of humanity to treat everyone the  same and leave them a little better than you met them. You just may never know, the next idea, advice , opportunity, challenge, request, that would change your life forever.

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday, I was surprised, considering the fact that he was older and way more experienced than I was, I was elated at the opportunity he gave me to express myself and how it was so soothing to hear him list out life lessons and values, and trust me, he was one of those on high people I never thought would want to come down to my level.

You don’t have to look so far , look within your circle , your family, your friends, those people you claim to not really vibe with, you would be surprised that such wisdom can steam from them and you will be surprised that you have all the inspiration and motivation you need. They are so many people around us that we can learn from, not until you read the latest books, or attend the most expensive seminars, I’m not belittling these strategies , but open yourself to learning, be wise to bend a little, embrace reproof, talk less, listen more and you will be surprised at lessons you will learn and how transformation will embrace you.

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  1. Voice of reasoning…. The people u least expect add more to you life sometimes than those you think would ….. Voice of reasoning…..

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