Welcome ! We’ve been expecting you.

Knowing Annshub.

Annshub was created out of a heart fearful yet ready to meet a need. I took the leap of having a blog because my desire to reach out to someone out there in order to help them live life truly superseded my fears.

Ann is my pen name and the hub represents for me a community where people come together to learn, grow and share.

So Ann + s + Hub = Annshub.

Simple calculation right?.

Why Annshub is here.

The fear of missing out, being left behind or not measuring up has left me in a place where I mindlessly chased what was not mine and that has changed because I now know I can live life at my own pace, purposefully and spiced. This is the same desire in my heart for you. A desire Annshub keeps alive.

Purpose : Daily being yourself and doing what makes you complete.

Spice : Living your best life right here and right now.

Your pace : Not ruled by any fear, whether or not everyone is ahead or behind you. You make the rules for own life and live it.

Every blog posts are tailored with originality and practicability to ensure this desire is met.

Creativity is life.

The unique part of this blog is you will  learn a new language along the way.

I love you sincerely and I hope the blog changes you as it does to me.

Live fearlessly,

Team Annshub,

Ibukun Anuoluwapo.