Have you ever just being doing maybe a house chore, or having a conversation with a friend, reading a book or just chilling then out of the blues your current age displays its number before you, and you will be like , wait oh , I’m already 25, or 27 whatever the case maybe. This happens to me quite a number of times and in that moment, I begin to equate my age with the phase of life I’m at, my achievements, and sometimes they don’t just add up.

Sometimes I ask questions like what have I been doing with myself all along, and if I even try to check, it doesn’t just make sense, its a like a minute ago I was 19 and now I’m 20+ like how did we get here?, and at that point you find it so easy to start heaping blames on yourself, trying to fix the unfixable, looking for ways that you can go back to the past and readjust , please stop.

I know we all want to get satisfied early in life and even seeing people around you doing so well at a very young age, you begin to think life doesn’t have any good for you and you begin to doubt the goodness and beauty that your existence exude, please stop. You must understand that age and stage are two different things.

We just want everything to fast forward, we are so end conscious than process conscious, life herself is in levels, and until you bring yourself to that understanding , you may never go far. Each level of life, not age, comes with its demands, its lessons, its ups and downs and we must put ourselves into growing and overcoming each level. Keeping it positive knowing surely, all you desire is possible , and age is not a determiner of that, self will is. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be aware of the fact that you are growing older , but that should only propel you in truly growing yourself , being a better version and not heaping tons of regrets.

Let the society not brainwash you into thinking if a certain age has passed then you can never make it, until there is the end, which is death , anything and everything is still possible. It quite frustrating I get , but if you don’t trust the One who made you and go along with His process, knowing fully well that He is able to see you through, you may just have put an end to your own self.

You are 34 and don’t have a job or car yet, or have not reached your goals and so, who said you can’t still have all you want, you are 23 and are still yet to gain admission, who said you can’t ever. Stop living your life like you are dreading what happens next, Keep it positive. Believe in God, in yourself, do your part , do the works and watch consistency, hard work, patience respond to your demands, because it is always ever what you give that you get. Do the work, let the gains roll in.

Stop walking with heads bent , brace yourself and raise your head, walk tall and do your best.


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