Argungu Fishing festival is one of the most widely attended festivals in Nigeria and it is one of the 4 Nigeria’s inscribed elements on the representive list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization ( UNESCO). A pride of the people of Kebbi state.

From 16th century till date , this international festival has been a major contributor to the infrastructural and socioeconomic growth of Argungu town and its environs. Argungu is a town in Kebbi State.

Growing up all I have had of this festival was the pictures on the yearly calendar in my house which I held so dear, who would have known I will have the opportunity to witness the festival. Serving your Fatherland sure comes with its advantage.

Just to keep you posted of the beauty , wonders, vibes , cultural displays of this year’s Argungu Fishing festival, it was massive. The festival started on the 11th of March and ended on the 14th featuring various displays, games, etc that dazzled my  imaginations and will forever remain evergreen in my heart , it was a fantastic experience. People from different walks of life were there, if not for press pass, ah, i for suffer. Don’t feel left out. Have a  sneak peak.

The Rice pyramid

You know how the pyramid of Egypt is, imagine having sacks of rice piled up to form one, totally creative. It was a sight to behold at the festival and everyone struggled to get a perfect picture with it.

Horse and Camel Race

This was totally magnificent, various horse riders in adorned with their horses and you will just wish you were one of the them, and the authority and pride they commanded as the horses galloped was one that wowed us all. Of course it was a competition and the winners were duly rewarded.

Crocodiles walked amongst men.

This one caused fear though, I dare not move close, you could see the crocodiles and their guides walking side by side. Some even backed them like babies, what will our eyes not see.

Agricultural display

Oh Nigeria is truly blessed and the produce from the farmers of Kebbi reconfirms this, from grains, to fruits, so colourful, who said, Agriculture has lost its power to create wealth, you better rethink!. Farming is one of the core values of the northerners and trust me, its worth every sweat.


Kabanci Display

Try swimming with a wooden large ball like structure underneath. The display was a wonder.


Don’t ask me who this man is but believe what your eyes just saw, yes the knife was sharp, and yes the man kept on slicing himself and nothing happened. I say no more.

The main event

Ah, this is the peak of all events , this is what Argungu festival is all about, there were over 3,000 fishermen lined up at the river bank, the sounds from the drums, sounded like war was about to break out, I practically could connect with hearts of the fishes in the river, but this battle must be won. As they plunged into the river all trying to catch the biggest fish and be declared the winner, the competition came to an end and the biggest fish caught weighed 78kg , kai, the winner went home with about 10 million naira, I am not joking and a car, are you thinking what I’m thinking?, there were 2nd and 3rd position with fishes weighing 75 and 70 kg respectively also went home  with their various gifts and prizes. It was a massive one.

Let me give you a first hand gist, as the game was over, some people now came around with other big fishes, ah, they want to steal the joy of the announced winners but e no work, they were promised consolatory prizes , end of story.

There were lots of notable personnels present at this event, including the President of Nigeria, His Excellency Muhammad Buhari, Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Muhammad, The Ooni of Ife amongst many others.

Argungu Festival was indeed a success, ” What unites us is more than what divides us ” Governor Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi state and this is really true, the festival showed that we all can work and live together, win together and support one another against all odds and Nigeria is one. Believe in the Nigeria dream and spread love.

If you were part of this festival, do well to share your experience too.


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