” Assurance”, its no surprise that when you play that song, you find heads shaking , Davido really did a good number on that song, I was once in an interview and the host asked me to choose between accolades and assurance and of course I chose assurance and was like who accolades help, that was like 2 years ago, but no that I am changing my mind now on my choice back then, but relationships these days just got me thinking. Some of our girls and guys have gotten it all wrong on the whole assurance thing and go a long way in trying to keep a relationship that never going to work out or even keep a man tied down as though he is one pet without a mind of his own.

Sis, you are joking, there is absolutely nothing that can assure you of whatever it is you want from a relationship or wherever it is headed, there are some exceptions though, I mean those that do the calculations and know where they are headed as for we the jumbo pack size, let’s just enjoy every moment, but who knows though, the ones that even creeps me out is the very long years relationship and then the lady starts feeling like the owner of the house, it is definitely not by long period of years, neither by rings, we had Queens of the rings everywhere,  dont get yourself worked out please, and dont get scared too, its all chances actually, we take chances in love, we fall in love with someone without even knowing if they feel the same, yet we interpret their opinion of us through their actions and words, I am not saying you shouldn’t make your relationship work out , I am not saying , you can’t have forever with someone I am just saying, there are no rules anywhere, so just live in the moment, give your best, know that you can’t tie anyone down with anything and when they leave, dont be bitter and let go , live and love freely.

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