After feeling cranky for no particular reason for a while, I decided to take myself out and relax my nerves as I sat enjoying the comfort from the chair and the AC because the heat in Kebbi state right now can boil water. I looked outside only to find kids playing on the swing, they were having so much fun, and right there, I took steps backward to childhood when all the problem I ever had was finding who would push me higher on the swing.

Sometimes I feel this whole adulthood is more internal than physical, and I have a question, do you think adulthood is a scam? I remember I wanted to be an adult, it looked like they got their life together, here I am evolving into adulthood and trust me it is not a bit funny.

Sometimes after spending time and efforts trying to get a result and its seems like it is not coming through , you are forced to whisper ” how did I get here?”. From bills, to getting actual realistic and achievable dreams and plans, and working tirelessly to make them work out, to finding who you really are, having a standard, core values, choosing not to compare yourself even when it seems everyone got their life together except you, dealing with emergencies, making decisions you are brooding and painstakingly hoping it is the right one, argggghhhhhh, family issues seems like they just saw you now and you just want to give up altogether. Yeah in the midst of all these things, never forget there is beauty in growth and giving up is not even an option.

Since turning the hands of time is impossible, we would just make do with what we have, this is our reality now, it is better we embrace it, enjoy it, and live it.  It just made me realize how easy it is to receive than to give.

Your life is not a joke yeah, I think it’s just a growing up thing to find yourself in situations that truly shake you but in all you still got to stand, because being great, being important, being productive in life is a whole lot of hard work than childhood could bear. We all can’t be kids forever.

Just make sure every area of your life is growing even as you advance in age.

You are not alone yeah, I know sometimes I envy those little ones and as I think upon the beautiful memories I had, I still believe growth is good. In times to come you will  have little ones that will depend on you for everything, and a stage will come when you will have to parent your parents. Its okay really, you are going to be just fine and cherish every minute of your growth, pause to only draw lessons from your past and not pangs of regrets, have fun too and strive daily to be best of yourself. It would all be worth it soon. it would all soon make sense.

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