Extra ordinary people meets needs, ordinary people meets wants. Mention the name of any man or woman who has imprinted their achievements in the core of our society in their own way and tell me please, if there was not any need they met before becoming so relevant. I’m very sure you can’t find any. 

Just last week, i was home. One of the problems of being at this my side of Kebbi state in the afternoon is that you will always struggle to get your lunch, your stars forsake you if you didn’t have breakfast, just know you would suffer. Being in the North is a different vibe entirely to the hustling and bustling in the West, where whatever you desire even the weirdest thing is just your money away but here is a different case. One of my friends started selling fried chips and egg sauce for lunch. Brilliant idea, I patronised her,  ate the delicious meal to more than half before this idea piqued my mind. I replayed the number of persons that came around to buy,  to the satisfaction on their faces when they got the meal, and I realized my friend just met the needs of people and in that way, she can’t loose her relevance.

Most of us, just go ahead, pick any idea that comes to our mind, put our all in it, money ,time, etc and when it yields zero result which leaves us empty and angry we start lamenting and saying life is unfair. But have we ever sat down with that idea and asked ” what need are you meeting“, if such idea can’t answer the question, that should tell us we need major realignment on some levels. Some times you don’t even need much, just rebranding, remember the evolution of water in nylon, to sachet, to bottles, now we even have water dispensers, be creative and smart.

Your vision, aim, goals, plans, must be tailored around a need to gain roots and relevance not only for yourself but for those around you. You can’t be the only benefactor of your vision, if you are then, what’s the point? . There is a vacuum in humanity that needs you, but you must first of all,  find out, and its not far fetched. Study your immediate environment, what’s wrong?, what lacking?, what needed?,is it wisdom, enlightenment, love, security, food, clothing, fun, information, etc whatever it is fill in the gap in accordance to your uniqueness, right the wrong and you will be surprised at what result you will get. This is the trademark of the extra ordinary. There is something in you that can change the nothing in the society, find yourself, find it and let’s make this world a better place.

Humanity is aching all over with needs made in form of walls, meet a need, break the wall, and know that no one is stopping you except you.

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