“Stop managing your time, and start managing your focus”, added the billionaire.  Excerpt :The 5am Club by Robin Sharma.

Everybody is busy these days, our vital weapon against anything that needs our attention is , “I am busy” , or “I have been busy” and when some of us are asked , busy with what?, we become very defensive, wanna know why?, well, its because we have been busy and not productive. There is a huge difference between being busy and being productive. So you can be busy all day and when you do a productivity and growth check you’ve got nothing to show for it.

It’s high time you begin to check yourself, instead of slipping in and out of frustration, depression , always wondering why things are not working out, always complaining about one thing or the other, begin to rid yourself of those complexities that stunts growth. You can’t be doing everything and expect result in everything. You can’t be a active worker in the company of your goals and also an active worker in the company of your distractions. One must suffer and most times it is the goals that suffer, because humans enjoy easy.

Ask yourself, what keeps me busy?, does what keeps me busy grow me?, how do I streamline my focus?, what really matters to my goals and dreams?, what steps do I need to take to make my goals achievable?, what do I need to cut off?, these are the simple questions you need to find genuine answers to, in order not to be consumed by mediocrity.

Your goals and dreams deserve some respect. There will never be enough time, even if 72 hours is merged into a day, we humans will still complain, most times we attack time for not achieving our goals, we quickly slip into, “there was not enough time”, forgetting time has no fault but our focus, because we have chosen to get busy and focus on the unnecessary , unimportant, unproductive while productivity and growth suffers the greatest blow. We are so easy to run away from the reality of the cost of being who we want to be and doing the works needed for it and rather get busy with the inconsequential.

It’s wake up time. Keep busy with what matters…

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