Lean on me, when you are not strong, I will be your friend, I will help you carry on – Lean on me, Bill Withers.

Everybody needs somebody. We all can’t live our lives alone, we need people around us to help, guide, love , teach, comfort.

We can save ourselves, although we have demons that we are all fighting, but we face it in different ways so is our strength, we might need to hold ourselves through the journey.

Nowadays everyone wants to be savage, social media is grooming an endless list of persons who would go any length to hurt another. How are we saving ourselves in this way.

Choose to be different in the midst of this decay. Let kind words not be far away from lips, treat others just the way you want to be treated. Offer a listening ear, an helping hand. Check up on your friends, life is unpredictable.

Show love, speak love, act love, you might think how can I make such a change, but 1 minus 100 never makes 100 again, it becomes 99.

Humanity needs your help, so if you help someone in your own little way, you have reduced the number of bad that might happen.

The speaker continued to talk, her words caressed my mind and I didn’t know where the tears came from. I heard the voice again, you killed Taju , now you know why?.

After the talk, I went to meet the speaker and explained how I felt to her. She told me to dispel every voice that condemned me , and told me to make use of every word she said. She says I have the power to make a change in my own space and way.

Taju Rest in peace, I whispered when I got home. Please do not end your life, you can do so much more, I am now on a journey of mental awareness and love.

I am going to save by being a better version of me,because before I save another, I have to save myself too, not that I can be loved or accepted by everyone. But no matter what I choose to sow seeds of love everywhere I go.


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