If someone told me 7 weeks ago, that my country will be on a lockdown, that I would be confined in my house, no travelling by air or road, no school, no work. I would be using face mask, wearing gloves,  using sanitizer, wash my hands always, comfortably avoid gatherings without any consequences, get penalized for organizing a party. I would look at the person and say, an idle hand is the devil’s workshop, yet this is our reality. The whole world on a hold, it’s a huge shock.

Don’t you ever wonder how we got here?, it looked a joke at first, we were watching the news from afar before and now we are also in the news, and we no longer need to be forced to look up to God, we have learnt to humbly look up to Him for relief and safety.

I just begin to wonder if another 14 days would solve our problems, because as we are locked in , we all have discovered problems which may send us out of the houses we were told to stay in.

Hunger, Armed robbery, Depression, Boredom, Abuse, poverty, are on the increase holding the honour of a plague , not that they are new to us but their adverse effects is getting stronger and worse by each day and we need not to touch anyone to contact them, it’s like we are stuck and our government are failing more than ever.

Until it is truly over , we have to keep sane or else , we would have greater problems to face after this. This lockdown affects us in different ways, some people are depressed mentally and physically, some people are very hungry with families who depend on daily job to meet daily needs, to survive is an outcry , we are not even safe anymore, cases of armed robbery is on the rise. Spouses are now stuck with their abusive partners and there is none to help and the highest consolation some have gotten is daily messages from NCDC on keeping safe.

What then should we do in this time?, how we help ourselves without touching ourselves.

Use social media positively: Less degrading talks about someone, less savagery, less showoff, just spread good words and kindness.

Spend quality time with family, don’t go all I’m stuck with you all, learn to reconnect, play, try new things together, invent new ways of having fun without breaking the rules and endangering your lives, Tik Tok is not bad after all.

Improve on yourself in ways you can. Now that you have all the time, you will realize time was never your problem but discipline. So learn to take little steps in improving any and every area of your life including your weaknesses.

Make do with what you have: Never apologize for not having , please be contented with what you can get within your grasp right now and be thankful for it. Give in any way you can, people are starving.

Don’t break the rules, this virus is real, keep safe . Try to stay away form anything that might be toxic to your mind. Talk to your friends and family as long as you can.

To all the health workers you all are truly Knights in shining armour. This phase will pass, God will see us through , till then, let maintain positive vibes.

To all those helping in one way or the other to make others live better in this mayhem, God bless you all.

Hey, we would be fine at the end yeah, just hold on, pray, it would all become history.



2 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Would another 14days lockdown solve our problems?.

  1. Beautiful piece, however, I strongly we wouldn’t be here of we had put everything on hold before that Italian man came down to Nigeria, we should have shut our borders and airports, this measure would have exempted us from it all by no! Our government no dey hear us, our mouth dey smell.

    1. I can truly relate with what you have said, I just hope we learn to make better decisions next time both as a country and individual, and we need to look for way to deal with our new reality.

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