It’s a new week already, the hustling and bustling continues although with great precautions. Right now, keeping safe is very key and we must guard our life in every possible way.

So what’s new for the week? . You know doing the same thing  is not far from getting the same result, so if you want a change in your life you must learn to do things a little different from how you have been doing them ,which brings us to today’s topic.

We as social beings are not always far from dealing with life issues, and they vary on different levels. Yours might just be buying the perfect gift for a loved one, or advising a discouraged friend, another might be making a life decision , or bearing a loved one loss, either ways our major goal is always tailored towards solving them , moving on with our lives and above all be happy.

I bet you would ask me what do we fail to do when dealing with life issues. One of the first action is, we make the wrong decision by dwelling on the problem. I don’t know whether it our emotions or it’s just being a human thing, we always spend so much time that cannot be redeemed on the problems we have. It has never and would never solve anything, focus rather on what possible ways you can solve the issue. The damage is already done, what next? should be your touch point and not ruminating on what has happened. Yeah I know it hurts, or it makes you unhappy, but if you want to rise above the problem , don’t move below it.

We are products of our thoughts, universe always respond to law of attraction, you become what you attract. When we are faced with issues that makes us unhappy, let’s try our best to have a positive thoughts, irrespective of what it is, learn to guide yourself through thinking upon good things, and the fact that you are still living, that does not only put your mind in a good state but also make you find possible solution while your heart is at peace. It’s totally amazing.

We are worriers , we worry a lot as humans but our worry level varies. Some people worry about what they have not even seen, the days they have not spent, like how does that even work. Learn to live in today, live in each day, savour every good fragrance that comes with it, and let tomorrow worry about itself, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make plans, or set goals, it is stop being a worrier and choose to give thanks instead.

Talk to someone you trust, though the issue of trust is looking like a fluke now, since we might have had our trust broken in one way or the other and we don’t even know what’s going on in other people’s mind about us. Do well to set those grievances and doubts aside and really talk to someone, it doesn’t mean you download your entire life, just sincerely say how you feel and you would feel better.

Writing how we feel, we don’t see anything in this, but doing this have solved more than half of my problems in many ways. I just write them out, how I feel, what’s wrong and it’s really unburdens me a whole lot, you could try it.

Telling ourselves the truth, one of our problems is we lie to everyone including ourselves. The solution to the problem might  just be in admitting to a fault, or taking responsibility or making amendments, but we never ask ourselves sincere questions that would bring this revelation of truth or even bring ourselves to lone moments where we can dissect issues. Let’s learn to say the truth, it helps a lot.

Pray, why not say a word of prayer to God about it, that would go a long way, to easing your tension and believing He will help out. Prayer works.

So it is not in just knowing these things, it more in applying them ,that where changes come in. Do enjoy the rest of your day.



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