Being a child is so beautiful, no problems, no responsibilities, just you living off everyone and happy about it but when the table turns with every situation looking like they are tailored to slowly cripple you. it might be the best time to take a pause and see how to walk through life a victor as 20+.

What does 20+ feel like?

It feels good to be 20+ plus yet it describes a stage of life that makes some of us let life pass us by because we are chasing what others want and not what we want or who we are.

This is stage of trying to find who you are, what you are passionate about, how to have the life you desire.

 But it seems you are plagued with

What have i been doing since syndrome,

See your mates dilemma,

What should I do next dilemma,

Has life ended for me speech,

Fake it till you live it option,

Maybe I am not that special thoughts,

Nobody loves me opinion,

Will I make it like this?,

And if you don’t have family problems attached to all of these, Hallelujah !

How then can you encourage your heart and live your best life now?, How can you find success and happiness in your dailiness?

4 ways to live your best life now and enjoy life’s journey.

Whatever stage of life you are in and the beauty of being 20+ that you are understand that now is the time to be alive.

  • Let go of the guilt: Most of us are guilt carriers. They come in different shapes and sizes and hold us down. The unsatisfied expectations, bad choices of the past is like a burden you must carry.

The unspoken truth about guilt is, it gives you an opportunity to either shape your life for the better or keep wasting your precious time. The choice is yours. Stop beating yourself up and take back your joy.

Meditation : In the words of my friend, he says, “it takes conscious effort to keep sane especially as 20+” and I totally agree. That is why it is equally important that daily you take a time out to be still. Away from the maddening crowd, social media, the noise everywhere. Just keep still and lean in , empty yourself daily. For me it is my quiet time, I just wrap myself in a chapter of the bible, read encouragement post from Proverbs 31 ministries and begin my day unshaken.

” We ought to live life each day, full of gratitude “

•Gratitude : It is so easy to see all that others have and see less of what you have but you are alive and breathing that is so much to be thankful for. Celebrate your victories , don’t see them as small or big, it is a victory of your hard work , of your efforts and that’s all that matters.

•Confidence in yourself : There is no force as powerful as believing you can. No one can take that from you. Don’t work through life like maybe I will make it or maybe I am beautiful, or maybe my dreams are worth it. Be affirmative about yourself, dreams, goals. It is what it is, not maybe.

Dear 20’s you are not alone.


If you are already more than 20+, look back at how far you have come and be grateful and if you are lesser than 20 don’t be discouraged. Life is beautiful and you are loved.

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