Powerful snare of our fallen hero

Hard guy , Hard guy , all they needed was you

I thought you had ended with the history of the feeleasthings

Who would have thought we were still tied to you in our different shades of secrets

Dear Aunty Delilah

You are the “get our own for body” of ” na all of us ”

That thorn in our flesh, our weakness, the ones we wish to live without

Some visible to the eyes and others to the heart

You have caused many to slip into a total sleep of death, while some you leave struggling for an escape route

Dear Aunty Delilah

How can we escape you?

I heard the 21st century now call you, Addiction

I wonder why you always love ‘d’ in your name

Is it ‘d’ for death or the ‘d’ in end?

Whichever it is ,Dear Aunty Delilah

I know you are never up to any good.



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