Everything has a good side and a bad side I believe. Sausages are really tasty to eat but you should also know too much sausages can make you sick.

I have always seen distraction as an enemy we need to kill, of course it still is except sometimes we can study the enemies of our growth and look for how to use them in a way that would be to our benefit.

Take a quick check at your distractions. WhatsApp, Instagram, Talking, the list goes on and on. My temptation right now is TV. Once Gotv subscription is on. I just keep watching, even though I have already written a long list of activity to achieve before the day is over.

I can’t go anywhere, even if I go to another room, I might think of what could be going on in Judge Judy’s court (CBS reality). So what I do now is turn my distractions to incentives after a day’s hard work.

I commit myself to my daily activities and use watching TV as a bonus for being a good girl. Remember how our parents made us do all the hard work because we wanted to just visit a friend?.

I have my list, I do my work, let’s say for  5 hours, tick them off and relax with a good show and go on again.

It would make you work faster and more efficiently. You need a whole lot of discipline to do so. You might involve a friend to be accountable to.

Do what it takes to make your goals achievable but know we can’t stop distractions at once, it is all in little steps.

Candy Reminders.

I would like to remind you about the toothbrush, yeah that one you have been using for a while now. It’s the 7th month already though, just saying.



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