There is this ignorant thoughtline I used to not only have but feel readily happy to share with others associated with money “ You don’t even know how you spend money , once you change your #1000, everything just goes”.

It would seem like money now has a spirit that can disappear & appear.


Incase you share in that myth also , come back to fact. Money does not have a spirit that appear and disappear, we are the ones not conscious of where our money goes to.

Last week , we cleared the air about where our money goes and maybe just like me, you realize everything goes to the liability basket for you, you must now understand this is not a way to build financial wellness.

Plus & Minus Relationships

No relationship will last if it’s all about subtraction and not addition. Imagine being in a relationship with someone that drains you and adds no values whatsoever to your life, you will find it so easy to discard such a person.
While you can discard such a person, you will need money all the days of your life so what this means is, every time you will always complain about not having enough, the lack mindset begins to build and the result will be lack because we become what we think.

You need to build what we call a conscious friendship habit with your money. This consciousness is what allows you checkmate your excesses and know which buckets needs to reduce for the other to rise.

We are in a relationship, both our lives  is supposed to change for good right? That’s the same way with your money relationship.

How to build the Conscious Friendship habit with your money

We all make enough money to be rich, it’s always about the extra sacrifice you are willing to take

Be penny accountable (Budget)

The first damage to growth in all areas of our life is irresponsibility. We don’t want to be held responsible for anything which also equals with not being accountable.
The first step is know every penny that comes in and watch where they go to. Budget before spending.

Reflection : For whatever money you get always record how you spent it or how you will spend it.

Spend all today, Get nothing Tomorrow

I don’t make enough money, my salary can’t even pay my house rent, I don’t even eat three square meals, the complaint never ends but if you spend all today and keep heaping more in your liability bucket , there will be no asset tomorrow so what is it gonna be?

Remember this is not a perfect journey, value your small improvements daily.

You smell like money💰


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