Do you wish grow in life?, do you want to walk in wisdom in such a way that you have ease while journeying through life against all odds?, do you wish to improve in all areas of life and desperately want to live a better life by having  quality character?, if yes, then learn to love yourself enough to correct yourself and embrace corrections from others with a bid to be better.

Correction comes in various ways and we sometimes don’t wish to accept them, because they tend to threaten what we have built walls of comfortability over, and once we find any threat we always have defense mechanism to counter it. If we continue like this, we would not go far in our growth walk.

Champions know they are not perfect, they know they need to grow, they know there is a lot to be done and along the way, they must open their eyes to what’s wrong and plan ways to right it. So they accept corrections from others with open hearts, sieve out the truth in it and look for ways to make amendments, they have also learnt to tell themselves the truth without flinching, they know it takes a lot to be great and they are willing to pay the price. So do you have this kind of champion’s mindset?.

Although still working on myself as a person, I always loved to do my best in whatsoever I do, whether or not I had a team and this was partly wrong especially if I am involved in a project that is more than 1 person. I end up doing everything myself and even though the work comes out well, I was always frustrated and angry, I always feel used up. Until someone started to point out to me that being a leader was accepting others, carrying them along, and also dividing labour, but not limited to these. I truly checked myself, I saw my flaw and I realized it is was more of a background issue , so I consciously made efforts to change, and trust me I was able to get excellent result. So in situation where I find myself leading, I let other people opinion count, I make them feel welcome and appreciated, and divide labour so everyone can feel responsible instead of doing it all by myself and getting frustrated.

Life is a learning process, no one is an island, so we can in a way depend on ourselves for answers. Don’t look at how the person said it or how it was put, if you keep looking at that, you won’t get the message, just know it’s for your own good and that makes it all better.

Make the world a little better too ,by correcting others the ways you want to be corrected. Learn to do so in love, knowing we are different person with different strength and weaknesses.

It could be your work, your lifestyle, behavior, finance etc, learn to add patience and listen attentively, in order to make the necessary adjustment.

Self-correction is amazing, give yourself to it. Never despise the change that comes through embracing correction and righting a wrong.

4 thoughts on “Embracing correction; A tool for growth of true champions.

  1. Thank you ma, I choose to self-correct myself and right the wrong because it is in that, that champion are birth.

    Thank you Anu
    You will be great just as you will be known all round in Jesus Name Amen

  2. Thanks a lot And for this beautiful piece, one thing I will love to talk about is the aspect of correcting on love. I as a person the only time I will take to corrections is when I am corrected in love, if you try to correct with so much hatred or you do it in a n arrogant manner, trust me you are just wasting your time because I will completely ignore it but until you talk to me or correct me in a manner that speaks love, in a manner that can make me easily say you are doing this for me to be a better person then I will need to the corrections. Thank you

    1. We all make the world better when we treat others the way we wish to be treated. Thank you for the insightful contribution. You are blessed.

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