But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience – The Bible  (Romans 8 vs 25).

There are better explanation for when things are working just the way you want them to or stability from being in control. But when the table turns, life pushes you around, questions you can’t find answers to, situations you can’t control, and start panicking, getting frustrated, well to add to your long list of pains, everyone seems to get their life together except you.

You begin to live life like your thread of hope will soon cut loose.

This is not the time to well up in self pity and guilt, or drown yourself in envy.it is the time to embrace patience and let time do it part as you keep moving towards being better.

Patience and peace are inseparable. If you start cultivating the habit of patience, nature’s response is peace.

Our lives, dreams will take better shapes if we realize we can get enormous result with less stress.

In finding who you are, chasing your dreams and being at peace while at it, you have need of patience and that requires lots of practice.

It doesn’t matter how happy a pregnant woman is to see her baby, she doesn’t just open up her stomach, she waits till it’s time.

Patience is staying calm; content to wait if necessary not loosing one’s temper while waiting.

He that can have patience can have what he will – Benjamin Franklin.

It is one thing to believe in your dreams, it is another thing to stay through the process and keep doing till what you believe happens.

Impatience is a lover that would always break your heart.

How To Develop Patience For Yourself And Goals.

1. Keep Calm: Breathe in and out slowly. Have a heart that is enjoying peace irrespective. The job is not coming through, the plan is not working, the country’s situation is not helping, the paycheck is not adding up. Maintain a calm pose inside and out.

2. Focus on yourself : We get impatient most times because others are doing better than us, or we don’t love ourselves enough. That your friend that just got that your dream job, that your neighbour life is treating well. Hey ! no one’s failure is your success neither is their success your failure. So focus on your goals, on growing yourself and make it work.

3. Good things take time, counterfeit don’t: If you want something good in the way that is honourable, then you have to steadily move to see it happen. Counterfeit don’t take much time but trust me it won’t last.

4. Patience is not static : Some of us have the idea that patience means a total standstill then boom, magic happens.

No, it’s not even close to what patience is, patience is preparing, it is doing while waiting. It doesn’t mean you don’t have drive and you have to be slow about everything. No.

5. Look back often : I know the past is in the past and all but the past never leaves without a lesson for the future. Look at who you were, where you have been, the people you have met and find light to move on.

6. Patience is not a day’s job : Patience is not just a day job you do , you get paid and it’s all over. It is a lifetime practice and it begins daily. Waiting for your friend, babysitting, reading through that book, not unlocking that savings box till it’s Christmas, not judging and concluding without investigation. Whichever way it is for you. Know that patience is important.

Slow and steady still wins the race, because the race is not with others but with yourself.

Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet – Aristotle.

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