Are there not days we just wish will never end ?, people we wish could stay forever?, whispers from our hearts with promises we intend to keep if only the ones we love could hear them?, are there not memories we wish would last forever?

Here we are at the very dreaded end we wish could be different, the very tunnel of being alone. I just want you to know that its okay and you will just be fine, even if it hurts.

A bad breakup, a friend’s betrayal, an office coup, a wrecked dream, an unreciprocated love, a wrong decision, a fall from fame, denied attention, loss, whatsoever that seems to take your joy away, making you look back regrets, or look forward in dread, I want you to know it will end, and only within you lies the strength to heal and move on and that strength won’t come unless you reach out for it and allow it.

Some of us have gone for the other option of building walls of anger, hurt, hatred, pain, withdrawal which only leaves us a little worse than we were. Its high time we treat ourselves with good doses of love and warmness.

it is time to acknowledge what has gone wrong and decide to move on no matter what , not a time to show off to those that hurt us that we are doing well, but to prove to ourselves that we are strong and even if it hurts we would move on, win and never stop writing our scripts to greatness.


2 thoughts on “Even if it hurts.

  1. A truly inspiring and encouraging piece. A timely word for so many that have, or are almost giving up on themselves and/or others……..there is light at the end of the tunnel-if only you care to raise your head and look ahead.
    Thumbs up Ann

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