Financial Abundance is the balance your life needs. It is the right balance between gratitude, contentment and desire.


I always thought financial abundance means more money but that’s definitely not all abundance is all about. You know we always want more, there is never a stage in our life when we feel we have done enough or we should just take time to rest or even appraise ourselves because we keep on comparing! Come off it!

There is a side of financial abundance that has to do with your mind . It is not some lie you tell yourself rather a choice of thought you have chosen to feed yourself with, to be deeply satisfied even while still thriving for the best. A state of mind you must daily consciously build in order to navigate whatever comes your way in your life’s journey.

I’m not someone who’s gotten their life on this, be at rest that it concerns the both of us.

How to build a financial Abundance mindset

Be Grateful for what you have now!

We are present people always living in the future, that’s why it seems we are enjoying little of what “now” can give and overestimate what the “future” will bring.

“When I save more, I will be happy, when I have dollars in my flex dollar fund I will feel better, when I invest a billion I will be satisfied.”

These life script makes it look like our now is but a mistake , and there is a big future that fixes everything, no sweetie, there isn’t. You need to be thankful for what you have now, the little you were able to put away, the lessons you were able to learn from your spending everything. That’s enjoying your everyday life.

Your pocket, Your obligation, Your life

Our mental wiring is to always compare our lives to others while forgetting that life will always be different for us. Your pocket, Your family obligations, Your life will be different from others, so learn to respect your financial decision even if it doesn’t look like much. If it’s #2000 you can save as opposed to your friend who saves 1million naira. Save it! Own it! You don’t have the same opportunity as that other person. What matters is you saved! Financial abundance is knowing this truth and living it.

Cut your coat according to your size!

Breathe in , Out , do that 3 times and smile. See life is not that hard. It would be unfair to yourself and heart when you do what you can’t stay true with or can’t afford. Financial Abundance is knowing your limits.


You want more money right, you will still loose all that big money and jeopardise that big opportunity with a mind that is lacking in sound knowledge. The Japanese proverbs of power reiterates  the fact that Self- Knowledge is the most powerful weapon anyone can wield. So choose to invest in your financial knowledge and in your life.

You smell like money 💰

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