Finding Fruitfulness brought me out of hibernation to first of all apologize for not being consistent with reaching out to YOU. How have you been? Let’s not leave each other again, please.

Take a moment to picture your best fruit, what will that be, for now, I think my best fruit is those blueberries but it changes based on my mood and price😂. 

What does being fruitful mean to you?

It could mean bearing fruits, getting results, and making progress. We all desire this in our daily lives, relationships, career path, and personal endeavors.

We want to be able to show forth with tangible results, but it’s very freeing to know that beyond getting results, every step we take to do better for and with ourselves is in itself fruitfulness. 


To find fruitfulness in our life we must ask ourselves this question in every part of our day, “is what I am doing right now fruitful? This means is it aligning with my values and principles. does it help boost my goals or pursuit? is it good for my mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial well-being? When we ask this question, what happens is that, it causes us to PAUSE & EVALUATE.


The reality is pausing is not what we do often, we are too busy doing everything, trying to meet every deadline, trying to blend in, fit in, and achieve everything, that the idea of pausing to just see what exactly it is we are doing is not what we encourage. But we can’t be still enough to see if what we are doing is fruitful or not until we pause.


You can only reach here when you have paused. It is a crucial defining moment if being fruitful is your desire. It is in evaluating you would see whether what you are doing is in being true to yourself or out of line which then gives you the courage to gracefully discard. 

One transforming verse in the Bible says 

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.

John 15:16 (NIV)

You are uniquely designed and created with the innate ability to bear fruits in all areas of your life but bearing fruits can only happen when you are doing fruitful things. 

Fruitful works – Fruitfulness 

Unfruitful works – Unfruitfulness

My unfruitful works include spending hours on Netflix, not managing my money, spending what I don’t have, and not waking up early. The list is endless. You know yours, while they offer temporary pleasure, they don’t establish us for fruitfulness.

P.S This is a safe place so silence those voice of guilt that wants to speak. What matters now is as you go on day by day, embrace fruitfulness and if you have to make a 1000 u-turns to get there, keep doing it.

Have a Fruitful Week, I’m rooting for YOU.

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