Welcome to this beautiful season laced with laughter , joy , happiness and with 2022 in view, I am so glad we made it this far.

With all the warm wishes everywhere, sometimes counting the blessings is so hard when life has thrown a lot your way in the year, I hope this write up leaves you a little better than it met you.

Breaking up with the past

We are people moving forward yet behind, our body is physically moving and growing but the core of who we are is rooted in the past and the past is sincerely not a happy place.
Obviously we are aware of how wrong it is to stay in the past, yet it’s like we can’t do anything else.

In the pains , loss, disappointments, unexpected changes, lack, loss of loved ones, I do know all these are delicate for you and we all have different strokes to what life throws at us but I believe the best way to begin our thanksgiving is to break up with the past. It has happened, let’s focus on what is happening, we are alive to start with, Cheers to that!

Give thanks for the Negative

Have you ever given thanks for the not so good stories that you have , the downs you have experienced.

Think of 3 major issues that hurt you deeply this say , be grateful for them

I will go first:

1. We lost a loved one this year, it hurts, still hurts  I’m grateful she is in a better place, I know Angels are all over her.

2. I had my well-layed plans beautifully disrupted, I’m grateful because I learnt and I know God is still working.

3. I didn’t achieve the major part of my set goals, oh well, no thanks to my self-sabotage but I know my excesses now and I’m grateful for the chance to start again.

Your turn

Happiness is here

Quit keeping your happiness on a hold, now is the time to be alive, today is the chance to be alive. Absorb it, love it, live it. Be kind to yourself. You’ve really tried, You did your best and I am proud of how you wrestle out of those dark times to this beautiful light. You are not a disappointment, you are special and just be kind to yourself. You have done excellently well. See you in 2022!

Today, try something new . Do something different that truly makes you happy. Thank me later.

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