What is the most touching act of kindness you’ve ever received from a stranger?, let me tell you mine. Although this is just one out of the numerous stories of having people I have nothing to do with help me.

Lend an helping hand

It was a cold day as usual in Russia , 2 years ago , I and my coursemates were in Ivanovo Russia for our year abroad programme, and that fateful day I and my friend went shopping. Slow shoppers that we are and lovers of good things we took so much time at the mall that we didn’t realize it was already 11pm.Well we ought to head right home which was a little long walk but the day is never complete without sharwama and that was the beginning of our story. We got to our favourite spot waiting for our order when we got cornered by 5 Russian guys, obviously drunk, they started interrogating us and asking questions, it was an obvious bully game going on and we were the puppets. We were scared , freezing from the cold, we began to walk as fast as our legs could carry and unfortunately they followed us.

It would be a bad idea to walk home , so we ran to one Russian man on the road and begged him to call a taxi for us, two young black girls asking a white man for help what could have gone wrong, this man was our God sent. He didn’t not only get us a taxi but also made sure it dropped us off right in front of our hostel. It was one hell of experience for I and my friend one we would never forget. Good people do good deeds.

That day taught me a lot, that being good is a virtue and has nothing to do with skin colour. Truth be told I can’t really remember what that man’s face look like now, or even his number to say thank you , but what he did that night two years ago, still rings in the heart of I and my friend.

Eyes may forget but the heart never does.

The problem nowadays is we always want to be thanked for every little thing we do, we no longer do anything to make anyone life better except ours, imagine if that man didn’t help us that night or he carried the mentality of black people are bad, who knows what would have become of I and my friend that night, we would have been defenseless against 5 drunk guys. Do good, doesn’t matter if you are rewarded , good deeds will always win.

From now on in every way you can, make someone life a little better by helping them, not for the cameras now or documentation but for the love that you have in your heart and leave the reward to the One who sees everything.

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