Happy Father’s Day, Dear Heroes.

There is no role as underestimated as the father’s role, while we all see the sacrifices and love of our mothers plus their availability let’s never forget our heroes who does all the underground works to give us all a better life.

Happy Fathers Day to all amazing men playing the role of fathers in our lives. May you never loose your wonders.

You are valued, You are loved, You are cherished, You are remembered, You are flawless, Your worth is far above words and because of you, our  world enjoys balance.

We appreciate though with hurt in our hearts all the big fathers that look upon us from the sky. Your space is filled with all the beautiful memories we have of you.

Maybe you have a father that doesn’t play his role well, or you just never enjoyed that relationship because of past hurtful deeds, it is a beautiful time to forgive him and move ahead with your life. Unforgiveness has two prisoners, The offended and the offender. Free yourself.

To the Real MVP,

Dear God,

Happy Fathers Day, We love the way You father us.

Help yourself with Quotes you would love to share with your loved ones today from the stables of Ann

Daddy, Childhood is filled with joy and happiness because of your sacrifices and in this Adulthood you have never failed to come through, Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day Daddy because of you I know love is a person. I love the way you love me.

Fatherhood is not just by who births you, it is more about who loves you and come through all the time. Happy Father’s Day.

Mummy, you have stood not just as a mother but also as a father. I love you Gem.

I can openly call you Daddy because you are the only who who makes me enjoys the bliss of being a child. Happy Father’s Day Step dad.

How can I repay all your sacrifices Daddy, I just love you and there are no words for how much I appreciate you. To many more Father’s Day with Love.

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