Ever been hurt by someone you deeply cared about before, someone you trusted, loved, shared your good and bad memories with, someone you feel at home with and then all of a sudden ,they become the cause of the hurt your heart is nursing, and they just proved they are  not all they claimed to be or maybe they didn’t feel the same way you felt about them and you decided to move on and choose to heal , let go , try to be a better person and give love another try and just then you realize you are not getting better but have even become a toxic person at that, the question you need to ask yourself is , have I truly healed?, nay or yeah.

I know you must have heard this,it takes time to heal, the time there, is not the number of years or months, but a process where you have given attention to yourself, taking steps on how to get better, going through the acceptance that you were hurt, and forgiving whoever caused that, laying off every regret, relieving yourself of any form of bitterness or hatred, knowing that your peace of mind is priority and being very sure that when you remember such incident , it would just be one of those things and finally knowing that you are ready to give another person a chance, therein lies the healing, not in words , not in number of years but in every steps taken by you to overcome all that made you weak with strength.

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