If you are my best friend, this shouldn’t be hard for you to do. You would do anything for those you care about, she said fuming with anger and disbelief.

Ashley has been my friend since our Kindergarten and I sincerely love her but she has this nasty attitude of belittling and bringing people down that I don’t like, I have cautioned her in love several times but it becomes worst, her new trick is that I join her in daily body shaming Cynthia the new girl in our class, she even chose the words we would say, from fat goose to shapeless thing, and all these her you-would-do-anything-for-those-you-love-card is because I refused.

I wouldn’t be any part of this, words are powerful, and you can shape or destroy someone’s life with words, I know that and my value is weaved around being an encourager and nothing less. I wouldn’t compromise that for anyone or anything and if this ends the friendship, bye. 

Have you ever had someone you care about fix you at the crossroads of compromise . what was your reply to them, did you choose your values or you chose to stifle the voice that seemed right and followed their whim because you want to save the relationship. If you have to stay untrue to yourself to stay true with them , then it’s not worth it.

You can support, help, care for your loved ones but if what they want you to do is contrary to what is right, pure, beautiful, excellent, praiseworthy which is usually what you should build the cornerstone of your values around, then stomp your feet and say a big No their face.

Clarity Pointers 

Before you jump and say yes to that request in any of your relationships, pause and ask yourself these questions

Is this request in line with my values?

Will I feel good inside and out after doing this?

Will I hurt or bless someone else with this action?

Is this right both morally and in the sight of God? Is this the truth? Does this show forth excellence? Will my future self praise me for doing this? What I am about to concur to is it beautiful?

If you can tick the box right then you are good to go but if you have doubts it’s better to leave such a request altogether.

No request is too insignificant to not be analyzed. Stand your ground, build quality values and be faithful to them. Those who truly love and want you in their life would stick with them do. Refuse to be an anything goes person. 

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