Happy New year to you all. I am happy to have let the hook off 2020. Aside the seasons and times that marks a new beginning for us. We all in one way or the other had a mental checkout of 2020.

2021: A goal in view.

We all have goals for the New year, maybe just three days into the new year you already lost all your big vibe and motivation when reality came crashing down or the unexpected popped up, don’t you worry, it’s not over.


5 Questions that will help you achieve your 2021 goals.

The WH question readiness

You remember the WH questions, what, when , why, where , how etc. There are 5 of them that should be the parental guide of your goals.

 1. What are your goals?

Like being asked of your name, what is a powerful signifier of identity. You must give your goals an identity.

It could be,

In 2021, I want to take soft drink twice a month only ( soft drink reduction), Now that’s an amazing goal.

2. Why do you want to achieve the goal?

Why would this person just want to reduce soft drinks to twice a month?. It could be any of these reasons

– To live a more healthy life

-To win the $100 bet with my friends etc.

Your why is your goal anchor, it gives you the push to want to achieve. You can call it. The goal driver and what’s a car without a driver.

 3. When do I want to achieve this?

Time is a very important but the most overlooked factor in goal setting. You have to set a time for it baby.

It could for the next 3 month, a year, add the DD/MM/YY.

Start / End.

4. Where do I achieve my goals?

Maybe your goal is location tied, you better get going already but I would say, it begins where you are.

 5. How do I achieve my goals?

It is in this stage we all fizzle out and we don’t have to.

Your how can just begin with asking a question, asking for help, saving up, whatever it is don’t let excuses push you away from taking the steps needed.


Now let’s put the soft drink reduction goal in writing( Always write your goals down), it would look like this.

 “I want to take soft drinks only twice a month so that I can reduce my sugar level and live healthy starting from the 15th Jan 2021 to Dec 15 2021, right where I am now and wherever I might travel to and I will do this by taking water if I feel the urge to buy a drink, be accountable to my bestie about this.”

Try yours now.

You are 100% responsible for your life, work that out.

Take that little step today , cheers to goal getting!


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  1. Very informative… That bit on the how and when caught my attention..Good piece of writing.👍🏾👍🏾

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