Your mind is very powerful. It is the most useful tool you have. It can stop you from realizing your dreams or push you to realizing your dreams.

If you yearn to be in charge of your life, take control of your mind, live a rich and satisfying life then this is just what you need.

The mind power is composed of your attention, your mental images and thoughts.

The flow of thoughts is  powerful enough to keep you isolated from the rest of the world.

Our thoughts affects our body and mind.

For example, when you have fearful thoughts, you become fearful but when you think like a brave person there is always a step that reaffirm that for you  because we become what we think.

Bad thoughts fade away in the presence of good thoughts.

You are always a thought away to the life you desire.

How can we take charge in order to have a healthy mind and satisfying life?

• Self awareness : You must consciously know the thoughts that run through your mind that can be crazy to do right?, it’s like every minute you are thinking of your thought.

Let your feelings direct you. Feelings are great pointers to what our thoughts are.

Ask  yourself often ,

What am I thinking of right now?

How does it make me feel ?

A change in thought, a change in life.

•Live a life of gratitude : One of the keys to being happy and building an healthy mind is relishing on all you are and have. Gratitude are soul cleansers.

Create a list of what or who you are grateful for. There is nothing called little.

I am grateful for my life, family, friends, dreams, new outfits, amazing memories etc.

Although it’s quite sad that we spend more time on what we don’t have that others have and that leaves us unhappy.

Today stop and think of all the things and people that are yours and be grateful. Make it habitual.

•Practice Meditation : I recommend this because I have tried it and it works every time. Even though I talk a lot this has in a way put me in check.

Great people meditate. You will never know what 3-10 minute of solitude and silence daily can do for you until you try it. You will have an amazing experience.

•Feed well :  You are picky with what you eat and from where it comes, why can’t you do the same for your mind. Sieve what you feed your mind.

Choose what you feed your mind carefully and don’t forget that includes the books you read, what you watch, what you hear, what you see ,the friends you keep etc.

•Purposeful living : One of the ways to change your mindset is living purposefully. Think upon why you are here, ruminate on what you are to do, look into all the amazing skills and talents God has blessed you with,work on them, use them to help yourself and others.

10 days, Blissful moments.

For 10 days , write 10 things you love about yourself and read it aloud to yourself on the 10th day.

Your mind does not control you, you are the one that holds the rein of action, so act like the one in charge.

You deserve to be happy, I want you to be happy, but you are in charge of your happiness so make a wise choice.

I recommend ” The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne, it was a life changing book for me. You would love it.

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