I would stop this job, what has this work given me since I started it, I wake up at 5 am every day sometimes I come on weekends because Oga instructed me to, and at the end of the year, I don’t even have anything to show for it. As Mrs. Bills continued to complain, it is not strange to see that nobody was paying her any attention because with no exaggeration, this is like an everyday mantra she says, we have advised her to take the next step in her life but she chooses to complain and do nothing so now we all just let her be. 

Mrs. Bills is the oldest staff in our office, she has been there since she was 21 years old, yet she has not improved in any area of her career. It is obvious that both financially and career wise this job wasn’t serving her but if she doesn’t make the decision to change her life, who will? 

Is this familiar to you? What have you been complaining bitterly about in your life? What we usually don’t see about complaining is that it can span into days, weeks, years, or even decades and our life is just where it is, with no serious change because the sheer truth about complaining is it never gets anything done. 


If you are reading this, I’m sure you’ve established this truth with yourself but then what to do about this? 

Curbing Complains

1. Identify & Acknowledge the source of the complaint 

You can start this by journaling, and being honest with yourself, which area of your life have you been complaining about? Ask yourself questions? What has complaining and grumbling about it done for you? Does this complaint concern you or someone else? 

2. Make a list of what can be done. 

We usually underestimate the power of creating a step-by-step action plan that we can look through while trying to achieve our goals. For example, like Mrs. Bills, your job has not been serving you. Her step-by-step plan will look like this 

A. What do I like about my job? 

B. Do I still want to work with this firm or I should leave? 

C. How have I grown career-wise since I joined this firm? Am I learning or earning? 

D. Talk to Oga(Boss) for a raise in my salary, ask for weekends off work, ask for a day off at work? 

E. Review my CV, and look for extra jobs?

F. Get a side hustle or not? 

This is just a sample, be free to create yours as it connects with your particular situation. 

3. Take action within 24 hours 

This is what shows you are ready to change your life because only courageous actions taken can defeat the enemy called complaining. Within 24-48 hours, take significant action as you have mapped out in your plan. Don’t hesitate, don’t procrastinate, and as you begin to do something about your situation, everything begins to change and work to respond to your needs. 

How about when the source of your complaint is not you but your relationship with someone else. The same process can be implemented. Communicate your needs with them, what if you have done that, show them ways to improve and continue to correct them out of love, and separate from them if that kind of need arises. 

The life you desire is possible but complaining about where you are or who you are do not help you achieve it. 



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