None of us has ever had a year as this. You know how you feel so excited about doing a particular job because it looks so endearing and full of good resources and when you got to the middle you already want out, sincerely sometimes that’s how I feel about the year.

I can’t of course loose sight of a number of reasons to give thanks and be hopeful in my heart but the ills, problems, losses many of us had to take in sometimes might seem to outweigh the good but in all things never let thanksgiving to be taken from you.

What is 2020 looking like for you?

The occurrences in our daily lives have a way of sending signals on whether you are in a good side of life or life is not just fair at all.

We all seem to have the good, the bad and the ugly in proportions that are way higher than the other and life threatening.

The country herself is not left alone. She records her internal and external problems, ill treatments, sicknesses, man-made pandemics  in large numbers how much more individuals.

Whatever it is the year is looking like for you, does it mean things can never get better?.

How can you get the peace you desire even in the midst of the storm?

How can you be relieved of these burdens?

5 ways to take care of your mental health.


I have realized overtime that staying sane requires a conscious effort. By sane I mean putting your mind and heart at peace while in the midst of seemingly overwhelming situations.

Social media is a blessing and a curse.

Social media keep us connected and even help us fight having a uniformed alliance but we have to strongly decide to see when it is becoming for us a blessing or a curse. A blessing when it adds value to your life, help you express your ideas , connects amongst others a curse when it steals peace from your mind leaving you with thoughts, images that makes you want to take a wrong step. The digital age gives a choice to know when to stop.

Nurture a grateful heart.

When I lost my dear sister this year, it was so crippling a time. She was so young , so full of life and one of her last words were “ give me a chance to live”. After the loss, although I am still trying to heal but one lesson I learnt is being alive and in good health is more than enough reason to give thanks. Always find thanksgiving in your situation. No matter how bad, how out of control the situation might be, never stop giving thanks.

Love shared becomes multiplied.

Spend time with your loved ones.

Life is so fragile, one minute you are chit chatting with someone about the latest , the next minute the only thing you have of them is memories. Affectionately spend time with those who are left and honor the memories of those who have left.

Do something new.

Doing something new has always worked in getting one excited. Find something exciting to do daily.  It might be as simple as changing your hairstyle, arranging your box, trying out a new recipe. Do something new. I made a earring box out of my charger’s pack few days back. I am still very happy about it.

Happiness is a daily choice.

Since the each day has enough evil to begin with, we all must make happiness a daily choice. I can give you a long list of why I should be unhappy, gloomy, sad, guilt ridden but I lay all of them aside daily and i choose joy!

There is hope tucked in the heart of 2020, stay happy.




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