I don’t want to be the next Micheal Jordan , I only want to be Kobe Bryant – Kobe Bryant

This quote might seem too simple for those who believe ambiguous grammatical construction is equals communication, but the simple hearted will understand that this quote is not just anything one picks from the garbage but the expression of the life of a Legend, who truly lived he might have not achieved all but his walks and works on this very earth speaks measures even if the cold hands of death has won.

The truth about life is breathing may cease but our deeds doesn’t, because they are impressed on every heart, every society that we have touched. Forever is not promised for any of us, but what exactly are you doing with your “now“, still gossiping, outrightly lazy , procrastinating, hating, harbouring evil, creating distance, sad, hurting those that truly care, rejoicing in normalcy, enjoying mediocrity, keeping malice, living in the shadow of someone else, being everything except your own self and many more,  right ?. Oh wow, what a legacy, time doesn’t care, neither does death, there is so much more you can do with that life.

Kobe Bryant will forever be an icon in not only basketball but sports in its entirety and even now that he is no more, he made living beautiful for not only himself but others. You are still alive, make it worthwhile.

I know we all cannot be in the limelight, but what are you doing in your own beautiful purposeful way in making your world a little better than you met it , not every hero wears capes of course but when legends sleeps, their story lies awake, telling of their deeds to humanity.



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