If you had only one wish, just one and an undeniable assurance that you would get whatever you wish for , what would it be. I bet more than 70% of us will just want to become all that we have desired to be in our heart. Boom! Abracadabra!!! and we are already the World Renowned Scientist, Award Winning Singer, Prolific Writer, Top Business Manager, President of the Country, Fashion Designer, Blogger, Artist, Motivational Speaker, Poet we have wished to be and many more , like just say the word and you are what you say. Totally amazing right, well, those are the dreams of the ordinary.

To becoming who you want is not in talks but actions. Those stars you see exposed by limelight , they are not made in limelight but rather in hiding. Champions are not made in the ring rather in the practice arena. Through sweats, failures, rejections, hard work, consistency , pains, their fight, faith, confidence in the practice arena, the ring rewards them.

This is what differentiate the ordinary and the extra ordinary, they understand the rules of becoming, they know its work equals result, they don’t look out for outcome , they trust the process.

You see those that stars that easily wither away, are those ones that are so limelight driven and chose to jump process, they forget life will ask certain questions you must answer to , they forget Karma is no one’s best friend.

Respect your hiding place and do the work, don’t be limelight driven, be growth driven.

In the land of myth and times of magic, the  of a great kingdom lies on the shoulder of a young man….Merlin. Oh Ye, Merlin lovers, we both know , He did the work, paid prices, sacrificed. He was committed to his craft before he became noticeable.

Stars are made in hiding, limelight doesn’t even define them in the end, it is the lives they have transformed and how better they leave our world that does.

Do the work, pay the price, don’t jump process, it would all soon make sense.

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