The truth is some of us go through life thinking the solution to our problems is so far fetched, we seek for solace in so many things that don’t even last, we work so hard and not smart, and we are so quick to fall into depression when we don’t get the kind of result we aim to get and it always seems like others got their life together but not us.

We can’t keep living our lives like this if we do , we might never experience the wonders our lives can give .The problem is not that we are not good persons, or we have less opportunities than others, or we have been destined to receive ills all the time, the simple thing is our mindset. If we can start by changing our mindset , our lives will take a different turn.

Have you ever noticed some friends who don’t have everything they need, but they are always happy, sometimes you wish to steal some happiness from them or even wipe it off their face because you are just angry but it is just untouchable, that because they made use of the most powerful tool in their life, which is their mind and they tailored it to happiness mode and no one else can change it except them.

The next step between the condition of your heart now and what you want it to be, who you are now and who you would like to be is just having the right mindset. If we can take control of our mind, we have control of our lives, if we can sieve our thought life to bring out something more beautiful , we would see excellent results.

I remember some years back in school, I was always down, I complained about everything that concerned my life because I had this friend that had almost everything I want and it seems like I have absolutely nothing, I began to feel better only when I found persons that I had more than, and I knew that I was treading a very dangerous path. So I called my mind to order, I started feeding my mind with the right thoughts, I studied life and made my mind realize I am in no competition with anyone and in life some people will have more than me and I may have more than some but my solace should only come from being the best of myself everyday. The moment I changed my orientation, I began to live better and my heart was healthier, and now looking at those years I am very glad that I changed my mindset.

All you need do is give your mind a little push towards positivity, move from I don’t think I can do it  to I can do it, move from I am not beautiful to I am very beautiful, I am not worth anything to I am worth everything, I can’t make it in life to I will make it in life, I can’t be ever loved to I have all it takes to be loved right and well.

You need to reiterate this over and over again, until it becomes a part of you. A step from average to excellence begins with a change in the  mindset, its more of an inside job than outside, the input is the right mindset the output is the result. You can’t go through life feeling like a box of disaster waiting to happen because, you are not. You are important, it is not too late for you, you can do so much more.

Feed your mind with the right things, guard your mind, even the Bible advises us on this, surround yourself with people with the right mindset, appreciate yourself more , believe and you will surprised at the wonderful experiences and results that unfolds before you.

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