I sincerely don’t know why I am running over old childhood memories lately, but with the turn of events , joy, hope, and wisdom I have found in it, I begin to realize that sometimes the child we were has learnt few lessons that the adults we are now needs to make good use of in order to be better.

There is a particular day while I was in the junior secondary school that I would never forget. It was one of those question and answer time in class where getting the wrong answer might be the beginning of a bad day for you. That day, we had two options by our teacher, my whole class had a common interest except me. No one was there to support me, so it was only me against my class, I almost joined them actually but I knew I read that subject the day before and I was sure I was saying the right thing. Lo and behold I was right , everyone applauded me , for like a week straight I was the superstar of my class , it was a good feeling.

A friend shared his story on how he wanted to open a studio with couple of friends and just at the beginning they all backed out, leaving only him, he was all alone in it but he knew what he wanted, he moved all along with all of it, trusting his process and with the household name he has built for himself now and the way things are turning out for him, I need no one to tell me, he is doing real good.

Some of us have given up on so many things in our life and we have chosen to drive on with normalcy and the crowd, not because of what people would say now rather because it seems we are the only ones that understand what we are doing. Our clique, friends, trusted acquaintances, sometimes don’t understand our plans, ideas, and we feel that means it is not good so we drop them which only cheats us on good stuff.

So what if you had to stand alone. All your dreams, visions, goals and no one especially those you claim to have on your side don’t support or see things how you see, does that mark the end of those wonderful dreams? , what if they back out , and you are left all alone, in between just giving up on all you want to be or going for it no matter what. Will you still hold your ground?, will you just give up and say everybody is not in support, then it can’t be right or achievable?, do you think because majority is in support of something then that means it is right and true?.

Why not just look within yourself and find answers, not everybody will get it. If it is right, achievable, realistic, passion filled and fulfilling, go for it, if you have satisfied your heart on it, set that your goal and achieve it, you can do it.

If you really go for it, you will be surprised that some persons will come around when they start seeing how special it is to you, or how successful those plans have become over time. But it starts with you first, take that step no matter what, focus on the process, leaning on God to crown those efforts for you, don’t wait for anyone to applaud you or support, be your own very support system first , then watch things play out real nice for you as you with patience, passion, consistency withstand every challenges on the way.

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