I had couple of random thoughts lately and as I tried to see how meaningful they are by placing them side by side with real life experiences , I realized sometimes our most transforming ideas comes in our down times.

I think so many things would add up if we are aware of what is happening around us, what the next step we need to take is and what we should be doing at the moment, now that it seems like we are prisoners in our own homes, we are just to make do with what we have.

Another thought that really made lasting effect on me and made me recheck so many things about my relationships with others, how I treat them and my  views of them, is if I am walking in their skin.

Walking in their skin in the sense of being them, experiencing their bad days, good days, fighting their mind battles, bearing their scars and I truly wondered if I feel all these things, it would change a whole lot of things, my views, my reaction to every of their action and many more.

The truth is we can never be anyone except ourselves, that’s why pretence never last long before getting exposed. But the main touch point is if you are to really walk through the hell some are walking through right now, you will keep silent when you are about to judge and act all perfect.

Now that you can’t be them, at least have some dignity by trying to think as if you walked in their skin. What if you are in their current situation, what if it happened to you too, in that way we won’t go around spewing what would worsen another’s problem rather love and compassion will push us to want to make them feel better and maybe they would  open up and come out of their situation stronger.

If you would just think of anyone else than yourself , you might be surprised at little seeds of goodness you are adding to beautify humanity.

Don’t forget to stay home, stay safe and take necessary precautions, this dark times will surely pass over us, till then be a light.

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