How many times have you done something and you hear someone say, “oh that totally wrong” or even more amazing, you tell yourself, oh wow, I can’t believe I did that or that was wrong. We are not babies, I think what annoys you more is when someone tells you about what you intend doing or keeps repeating something annoyingly.

Like some of our mothers,  I know I am supposed to do the dishes or clean up the mess, but it all the repetition that really pisses one-off. So where am I heading to, you sure know what wrong and right, now where the issue lies is choice?

A man that beats up his wife sure knows domestic violence is wrong and wicked, yet he chooses to do it, you then ask why, the reason being that in order to satisfy his animalistic desire, he sees beating her as a better choice.

So that your bad habit, you need no one tell you its wrong, you have only made a choice by keep doing it, because, in a way, it pleases you. But my candid advice, is that we make choices, whether good or bad, do that which will make you a better person, that will impact others life and above all, do that which would make God happy.

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