What do you think

Have you ever wondered that it is actually a month that welcomes us not the other way round. Think about it for a while and deduce your own opinion of that. Happy New Month Folks.


I am Sorry

It’s been how many month now, six month or more that I took a somewhat unplanned break, I deeply apologize my amazing readers and I hope this time we stay together and I’m consistent with my duty to serve you and don’t worry, I will surely give you the full gist of my runaway affairs.

How have you been? How has life been with you? Whatever the past months has been for me , I want you to hold this one hope, June will be better. Believe it.


The One Message

I would to drop just one message to you for this month and it is ‘STRETCH’.

A loved one explained something so deep to me yesterday and as I internalized that information I realized that Nature is a teacher if we open our eyes to her and learn. We had this hangout yeah at one of our favorite spot and we couldn’t help but notice this big plant in a big round pail. He then told me  do you this plant can’t grow beyond this pail. It is limited by both the pail and the amount of soil in it. I thought , this is the same plant that has the potential to grow deep roots without borders in the forest but now is confined to this pail.

Although we are not plants but the truth is we can equally limit ourselves. We are kept ourselves in one place either by the words & opinion of others we have come to believe, you can’t do it, you can’t go that far in your career, the country does not support such growth amongst all the other lies we have come to tell ourselves from living the life that we truly want. This month dare  to stretch! Break out of those confines! Go get that life you want , trust the process and be free as a bird!

Don’t be plant in the pail. Be human, be you, do you, do purpose and live free.