Having been round and round myself, trying to get through life and checking if I am really doing anything to have that life I really wish to live. Moving from one phase of life to another and if you look carefully the only that makes it look like you are taking gradual steps are those already organised stages you have to go through, the institutions and the rest, and aside that you just realise you are not really adding and this organised stages has become where we hide and we wish we could keep hiding forever, for it seems like outside it life has no meaning.

This is not the right way to live actually, I know you’ve read books, attended seminars, maybe even organized some and you usually hear, all you need to become great is within you, I just think the only problem is they don’t tell us how we can bring this magic out of ourselves.

I think how is easy, but getting result is what really takes time, and another problem is in this our age we like really thinking the hard way,  so let’s get that magic in you popping start by looking into yourself, those tiny abilities you think are just normal stuff, those your unusual thoughtfulness, those little drawings, those cute writeups, those creative abilities, those organizing skills, if you just don’t see as normal but as a tool to becoming more, maybe then you will realize all you need to be more is with just within you.

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