There are number of things we ignore as we go through our daily lives, certain behavioural pattern that have a way of explaining many things about us and simplify living but we water them down as been unimportant, so we choose to suffer the long exhausting way, when knowledge can save us the stress. One of these patterns is knowing what works for you and choosing to live by it.

I bet your next question is , how do I know what works for me?

One of the vital ways to knowing what works for you is giving attention to yourself. The way you react to certain things, situations, your capacity , your capability, what you can and cannot do.

The key is knowing yourself, your strength, weakness, opportunities around you, and the threats, that are peculiar to you. You must embrace the fact that nobody is you, and you shouldn’t try to be someone else.

The problem that makes it look like life is getting more frustrating instead of being better is that we have decided to check in into the comparison sector which can do us no good. We see other people than our own self , if we would just focus on putting our life together, things will work out. Accept the fact that you will find people who would do well than you, other that you might be better than, but rather find solace in being a better version of you everyday. Let this be at the back of your mind when interacting with any area of your life, let it guide your ways.

In school, I had this roommate in 100level hostel, this girl can read at midnight like fire, I do too sometimes but I prefer to do that in the comfort of my bed. So she told us about this overnight reading in one of the lecture rooms in my faculty. Five of us in the room packed our books , drinks , meals and marched on to read. Lo and behold we all slept through the night at the so called lecture room except her, and of course I came back to the hostel, with malaria and yet unread books. I remember one of our roommates then saying she would just stick to her normal reading plan, that overnight reading is not just her thing.

So what’s your thing ? , do your thing, your way, your rules, give your best, and let your results wipe away those beads of sweat from hard work.


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