You know  the desire to learn a new language is a different vibe to taking practical steps to learning the language.When I first chose Russian language and I was given admission but school had not resumed , I was just balling, told anybody who needed to know that I would be studying a foreign language, Russian to be precise, their father, pepper them, I believe my village people were somewhere laughing, maybe they were like , “you dont know warriz going on”, and truth be told , I didn’t know what was going on until school resumed and I started lectures , I realized learning a new language may not only pose difficulties but  could be depressing if your heart is not in it.

You know it is very easy for you to quit if you were learning on your phone or whatsoever, but if you remember your mother’s word of wisdom and the amount paid to secure your admission and also make life less difficult for you as a student, we die here, maybe your only option. Don’t be scared, learning a new language might be difficult at the beginning, it’s like training a baby to talk, they might just grab few words and keep saying it and in your mind you wish they could actually say more but as they grow, it becomes so easy for them and then you begin to feel they are talking too much.

At the beginning you might have to put some extra effort, just like when I was in 100 level, I had to start all over like a baby, alphabets, numbers, big girl like me ,and trust me that’s the best way to learn, so if you really want to give it a go , start from the scratch, and you will be surprised of how much fun you are having and how much of the new language you are acquiring.

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