Today has turned out to be one of those weird days that my thought line suddenly takes a different turn. Making myself very comfortable in one of my favorite spot in the room, I began to sway with the questions of life that flowed through my mind.

What exactly is life?, is there a measurement for a life well lived or not?, if yes, who does the measuring?, should there be a way everyone should be treated?, should we be treated based on our achievements in life? , or by what we own?, what exactly is the quality to be given to life?, a whole lot is going through my mind but it’s more like a quest for knowledge.

We are all different people from different backgrounds and variations in thought lines but in my own opinion, I would start by saying , Life first of all is a gift, freely given to everyone to do as he or she pleases.

How we live our lives, what we choose to do with our lives, what we intend to add or subtract from this life of ours is clearly our business, but it doesn’t change the fact that , we all have the same life , which means, humanity should take its full course.

We ought to treat everyone with love , care, and kindness , being fully aware that death gives no one special treatment, not your status, race, influence can give you a better way to die. Be aware that each heart beat alike and what makes us a living being was free, so that ought to create in us humility that brings about a resolution to complete expression of love.

What you have attained or what you own  does not make you better than anyone, I’m not downplaying achievements here or throwing shades at men who have truly worked hard to make living worthwhile, I am just saying that its not enough reason to treat someone else as trash.

We are all equal before the One who has chosen to give us his free gift and so kindness and love for one another should flow like stream to every other so we can fully grasp the beauty of the gift we have been given and put a little of ourselves in everyone we meet, and above all, make this world a safe haven for those who live in it.

Life as it is, is knowing from your heart that you are not better than anyone else, treating everyone as being equal, against all odds, knowing opportunities and chances might separate our standard of living but does not diminish the value of life itself.


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