I choose to believe we all are superhumans, being human takes certain level of survival skill, and I mean everyday survival instinct, and being alive the next morning is a prayer answered.

Have you not thought if it would be just okay to put your dreams and goals on a hold for a while, till everything gets a little better and safer, well you can do that but hunger can’t wait that long and mediocrity will soon catch up with you and make your wonderful skills rust.

In the midst of the strive, hatred, pandemic life still proves to be totally unfair to make you lose something precious, you just want to give up all together. Do not, this is time to do more.

Life is and will always be full of uncertainties, sometimes all your mapped out plan would be overthrown, that leaves you dejected right?, I want you to learn to use bad times for your good. If that plan doesn’t work out , redesign another one. There is no end until you say so.

Never stop doing is the best way to cope with uncertainties. Oh I don’t know if it would work out?, oh would I even get accepted?, whatever question hangs on in your mind or whatever the world shows you that makes the very foundation of your dreams shake, you have got to tell who is on charge and  you are. Keep doing what you are doing.

Keep learning, keep growing in all areas of your life, keep aiming for excellence, keep spreading love, don’t hoard, have fun the way you can , keep being a voice, that dream chase it, that passion fuel it. If you get tired, stressed , angry, hurt, dejected, rejected, or fall, that is really okay, you can rest a bit but never forget where you are going to and one more step is a mile covered. You can go for it.

The world will always be the world, the question now is, who do you want to be?.


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