What’s not to love about flowers, the colours, designs, amazing fragrances, names, varieties, its importance in expressing our deepest desires and warmth, just intriguing. But what’s more wonderful is we all can be likened to a flower. Our uniqueness encapsulated in a body spreading fragrances that makes living worthwhile. Its totally amazing .

Last week, after the “Lover’s Crib” article, going through the comments , I got to see  being human in another light, in the light of flowers and thorns. In as much we want to love and be loved in return genuinely, I realized its more work than talk.

Thorns can be likened to flaws in our lives and no matter how beautiful and good a flower is , a growing one at  that if thorns have their way, they would choke its growth and it may never be useful as it ought to again.

We are flowers, a growing one , being alive is the evidence, we are also the farmers, <weird right> but the truth.

Our life is the flower , thorns are those flaws that inhibits us from being more for both ourselves and others, and the farmer’s duty begins every time a new day starts , it’s God whispering in ears of our heart, Arise, its time to plant, time to harvest, time to uproot those thorns.

What’s painful is we watch our flowers wither and we do nothing , those thorns, (Addictions, Procrastination, Lies, Pretence, Ignorance, Bitterness, Hatred, Inconsistency etc) gets the best of our lives and we do nothing. We are always like there is time but the truth is every man has his season, and this season is not for when he falls or rises rather his beginning and end. Some have even given their flowers to others to do as they wish to with it, just sad. Be careful what you do with your season, redirect your life and bring the best out of your flower so it would not only help you but be of value to others too.

Be a wise farmer, strive to bring out the best of your flower always.

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