A step into the past

My mind went as far as 9 years ago in my life. It was a school inter house sport practice on the field. We do this practice to prepare for our bi-annual inter house sport.
I so much wanted to run for my house but I was really bad at it, while my mother had a long record of being a running champion I guess I didn’t get that from her and I wasn’t bothered a bit. But now to the fact that I sincerely wanted to run, but every time I tried I came 4th or 5th. For it was disturbing, I just wanted to be part of the first three.

The decision that changed my life.

On this fateful day I told my P.E teacher that I would try and he allowed me. I ran so much, with all my mind, my heart , my everything and guess what I was part of the first 3. Gosh! I was practically crying in my mind

The Bad Good News

We got to the result recorder and she told me only the first 2 persons qualified  for the main competition. Guess what, I wasn’t even hurt I held my third position so close to my heart that not qualifying didn’t bother me.
Maybe my friends will later laugh and say,  you ran for nothing
Or why were you running like that?,  one even said you were running with all your body. It didn’t move me because when I was at that start point, when I was running with all might, I wasn’t thinking of anybody. It wasn’t about them, not even to beat my mum’s record, it was for me. I did it for me to challenge myself, to tell myself you can . To launch new challenge and see that I come top.
Well, I later became the House Queen , story for another day.

Enjoy your wins.

Today 9 years later in the corner of work space I remember that day and smile in tears. I wrote it as one of the things I have achieved in my life.

Savour your victories, don’t term than small or big. It’s yours baby hold it so close to your heart and always do life for you. Be the first benefactor of your victory, take pleasure in it. Well everyone else can say whatever they feel but to you , you won in your unique way, in your definition of what victory is and that is just all that matters.

The winning exercise

*Take a notepad or type on your phone, 20 things you have achieved in your life.

* How did you feel after writing this and going over them?

* You begin to remember past events and situations ?

*Did this encourage your heart to do more?

Remember I told you, there is no big or small win. It’s a win period!

It could helping a friend out during emotional crisis , passing an exam, always being punctual for meetings, anything at all.

Cheers to more wins🥂

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