Beginning a love walk with your money.

Let’s just say you and your money are a couple reconsidering working out their marriage after just filing for divorce. Fragile hearts involved or maybe it’s love at first sight for you, excited to start a love walk for the first time with your money or you don’t even have a clue of what going on with your money whichever it is , the purpose of this love walk is to achieve financial independence and I am happy to begin this journey with you.

How to begin

The money love walk and as every love relationship we start by introducing yourself , let’s call it the basics and the mushy mushy part of the relationship before things get pretty serious but unlike other relationships when you are not sure where it’s headed because you didn’t state your intentions at the beginning, this has even the end in view. The first thing here is to be clear of your intention , why am I interested in knowing more about my finance?  you must answer that yourself .

Beyond money as a means to achieve few things of life, we will discussing the real values of life that doesn’t even involve money. We will talk about the Lack & Abundance mindset, obligations, how to get off debt, savings, investment, mental health check, Risk appetite, sharing personal story and lots more.

The goal is that you are able to look out for your values even while taking care of your finance. Financial independence or wellness is the end goal and that means different things for different people for me it is being able to give my parents whatever they want, whenever they want it and however they want, a value I hold so close since childhood. Married to your money, nurturing the love walk.

Your finance affects a large chunk of your life and if you don’t take a deliberate step to know how to take care of it like every relationship you will end up with a broken heart and spirit.

Welcome to this part of the blog that reeks finance.

You smell like money,😊

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6 thoughts on “Love & Finance

  1. Amazing Anu. Keep it up. And yeaaah I do smell like money ooo. Hallelujah!!! Glorrry!!!

  2. I wish this piece didn’t end 😹, that’s how much I enjoyed reading through. Thank you Anu, this is amazing.

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