Hulala! Happy Lovers day , now that 14th of February is here , let the drama unfold. Its a season of love, giving, sharing, although all of these ought to be a daily life thing but we would still not under ride the importance of this day to everyone all over the World.

To mark this awesome day we would be giving ourselves knowledge treats on how to better ourselves and relationships. Your answers and opinions of the question below , determines your role in something really big.

All you need do is answer any of the questions, contribute , share ideas, by scrolling down to the comment section and await the wonders that stems out of it afterwards.

What does being in love mean to you?

What defines your loved ones – Blood relations, Efforts, Availability etc.

How do you know you are loved?

What’s your major turnoff in a man or woman?

Is money a drive for you in a relationship?

How do you make a relationship work?

Is sex equals love?

To what length can you go for the one you love?

A note to the one you love

Don’t forget to put a smile on someone’s face today, you are loved , you are cherished and you are important.

9 thoughts on “Lover’s Crib.

  1. My major turnoff in a woman is persistent glaring evidence of ignorance.

    Being loved to me means the ability to make sacrifices and tell me the truth even when not convenient.

    What define my loved ones are: blood, sound relationship, availability and unexplainable love

    1. Saying the truth in a relationship although has lost its touch these days but it has proven over the years as an important ingredient in a relationship. Thank you for reminding us. Your opinion sure beautified the questions.

  2. 1. Being in love means totally into a persons in such a way that every other thing in the world feels like a piece of cake.
    2. Attention to me and things around me summarizes everything
    3. I don’t think you know, instead you feel it. When you start to feel things there is no uncertainty cos feelings can’t be misinterpreted
    4. Major turn off is odour, attaché, irresponsibility
    5. Its not a drive but I am starting to learn that it is a necessity in a relationship
    6. Showing the person the sides of me no one else have ever known of.
    7. Nope, not at all. It has been misinterpreted for it though which is annoying
    8. Using the last on me to please the person
    9. Love,
    When we are both ready, I hope you love me back much more.
    Love you in advance

    1. that really got to me, never seen it in that way and it in a way describes what beautiful heart you have. I hope love finds you in the most beautiful places. Thank you Martha.

  3. 1. Being in love for me is giving my all to someone who cherishes it. Having someone who holds me dear as I do.
    2. Family whether by blood or association, efforts, availability of course.
    3.I know I’m loved when I am pampered, cared for, respected and when someone sees being with me as Home.
    4. Sense of entitlement, lack of knowledge, nonchalance , and lack of self worth, vision , bad manners.
    5. To keep a good relationship, you sure must be ready to sacrifice, money is important but not the determiner of love though.
    6.Making a relationship work is a two way thing, two people ready to give their best , no matter what.
    7. No sex is never equals love, some of misinterpreted it to be, but its not, it doesn’t have such power that love does.
    8. Well, even though I have boundaries I know I can go as far as their happiness is secured .
    9. I know you are not promising me forever, don’t
    occasionally tell me how you want to spend forever with someone else, I love you and you love me and for me that’s all that matters now

  4. It’s quite challenging to choose which of the questions to comment on-considering that I want to talk about just one.
    Let me talk about the second on the list: what defines your loved ones – blood, efforts, availability.
    The truth for me stands that, loved ones are those who combine the above listed qualities and more.
    – Blood: for one definitely qualifies a person to be a ‘loved one’. If you were born of the same parents, there is a reason, mind you-you were not the one that chose whom your siblings would be. So, whether they like it or not, they complete you one way or the other. The only problem that could arise stems from your perception of them and you disposition to them.
    – Effort: talking about love, there cannot be love without making some degree of effort. You just have to show up, you have to make sacrifices (takes effort), you have to defend them when they need defending (even if it gets physical, though that is not prescribed). Any which way you look at it, you cannot show love without some efforts involved.
    – Availability: in terms of time and resources cannot be overemphasized. Infact, take this away, and what you have left is a contemptuous relationship that has a semblance of love but in reality doesn’t (that is if you are lucky to have the other party waiting around to see if you will repent and change your ways)
    I would like to include one last factor, bear in mind this list isn’t exhaustive.
    – Actions: there isn’t the need to go on rambling and talking too much here. We all know that actions speak louder than words. Your actions alone are sufficient to let a person know if you ‘truly’ love them or not. This is because, your actions are born of your thoughts and the meditations of your heart, so there is no way you won’t show it if you truly do love them.
    NOTE: actions alone don’t suffice, learn to put some words in the mix every now and then.

    1. I am really intrigued by the truthful expression of how the question affects you. It is really awesome to learn and see matters of the heart from another’s point of view. Thank you Joseph .

  5. Being in love to me means opening up my soul to that special one, to always be there when they need me.
    Being in love to me means freedom… let me explain, I believe that before I meet this wonderful beautiful gem of a person they had/ have a life, me being in the mix shouldn’t stifle or choke that life. Your life shouldn’t take a pause because of me, be who you are, go out, set goals, accomplish them, have a purpose, don’t be a liability. At the end of the day we all want someone who brings something to the table, someone who we can have deep/shallow, big/small, serious/unserious conversations with, and love us unconditionally.

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