Hulala! Happy Lovers day , now that 14th of February is here , let the drama unfold. Its a season of love, giving, sharing, although all of these ought to be a daily life thing but we would still not under ride the importance of this day to everyone all over the World.

To mark this awesome day we would be giving ourselves knowledge treats on how to better ourselves and relationships. Your answers and opinions of the question below , determines your role in something really big.

All you need do is answer any of the questions, contribute , share ideas, by scrolling down to the comment section and await the wonders that stems out of it afterwards.

What does being in love mean to you?

What defines your loved ones – Blood relations, Efforts, Availability etc.

How do you know you are loved?

What’s your major turnoff in a man or woman?

Is money a drive for you in a relationship?

How do you make a relationship work?

Is sex equals love?

To what length can you go for the one you love?

A note to the one you love

Don’t forget to put a smile on someone’s face today, you are loved , you are cherished and you are important.