You know its so easy to be mediocre, being average does not require much this days, all you need to do is fit in. Normal life, normal routine, everything normal, give up on your dreams, forget goals, just follow the majority, and console your humble soul with , Its not as if we are living here alive, I cannot come and kill myself. Of course we wouldn’t want you to kill yourself, because you already made the first death sentence by giving up on yourself. How bad do you really want to stand out?, how far are you willing to go ?, what do your goals and vision really mean to you and how much are you willing to do to make them come alive? , by bad I don’t mean desperation that leads you to do all the wrong things just to live the life and impress those that don’t even know you or care, but rather I mean the zeal and passion that fuels you daily to do more, to follow the process, trust the journey, to be different, to stand out, to bring your extraordinary ideas and imagination to reality. I remember in primary school , I wanted to get a flute, I told my parents, sang it as a song , and it seems as though nobody was getting me. My music teacher is not even the type to mess with. He practically punishes one for everything. Your note is incomplete, you don’t have flute, you don’t sing aloud, like bro, I knew I had to act and stop talking. So I put matters in my hands and started saving my feeding money. I cut off all the stuff I love for few weeks, juice, snacks, biscuit for the flute because aside the punishment, I just loved the satisfaction that comes from owning a flute,  knowing how to play and then I just love being part of the happening people, being less was not my thing. Finally my money was complete, I showed my parents and told them how I got it, they were surprised and then now realised how important getting the flute was to me, because I and sweet things then were inseparable. I got my flute , the finest and I didn’t have to use my saved up money. Okay that’s the story of the 8 years old me, what about you, what are you willing to do, what and who are you willing to cut off in order to make a difference. There is so much to your life than just being one of those people, don’t forget good planning, hard work, consistency still yields great results. In case you’ve tried so much before, its not too late , if you really want it that bad, then giving up is not even an option. Don’t forget, its not everybody that will get you , na only you know where and how the thing dey pinch you for body, so own your dreams and lastly, tick tock still doesn’t wait for anyone. Do it well, do it right.

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